What You Should Know About St Augustine Grass Seed

Looking for info on St Augustine grass seed? St. Augustine grass is a coarse type of lawn grass that grows best in tropical regions and those with warmer seasons.

St. Augustine grass is known for its wide, flat stems and its rough, wide leaves. It is bright green in color and has been described as having a blue tinge.

The grass grows in stolons, meaning that its growth is largely above ground and lateral. This growth pattern means that fully matured St. Augustine grass will provide a thick, deep layer of grass.

Because the grass grows rapidly and is so thick, it does require more maintenance than other types of grass. Usually, however, this maintenance only includes regular mowing, especially during periods of growth.

It grows most successfully in sunny or partially shaded conditions and is most popular in places like Florida and in California’s central valley.

It’s most prolific growing season is from spring through fall (as should be expected). Like most other grasses, and especially those that are best grown in warm climates, St. Augustine grass goes brown and is largely inactive in winter months.

St Augustine Grass Hardiness

St Augustine Grass SeedIt’s also important to note that St. Augustine is susceptible to insect destruction and disease like many other types of grass.

It is somewhat more sensitive to certain types of bugs, like the chinch bug, and should thus be treated regularly with insecticide.

Even with regular maintenance, the grass can sometimes develop brown or gray patches that should be treated before they are allowed to spread.

Lawn owners or maintenance keepers should be aware of signs of chinch bugs and other diseases.

These signs most frequently include fast occurring and spreading wilting patterns and yellow spots in the grass. Because the grass is best suited to warm seasons, it’s also important to take preventative measures during the winter, when the grass is likely to be damaged.

St Augustine grass seed can be usefully planted for many different home and business gardening endeavors. The grass is highly adaptable for most warm weather climates and provides a thick, hardy layer of turf that is also very aesthetically pleasing.

While the grass does require some level of maintenance to remain at its full potential, it is one of the more sturdy grass types and can effectively beautify any outdoor space.

Planting St Augustine Grass Seed

As with any other grass type, it’s important to perform a soil test and address any possible soil problems before planting St Augustine grass seed. This will ensure that the grass grows healthily and appropriately.

St Augustine grass seed should be planted between March and September. Because specific regions have different weather patterns, a professional landscaper can help determine the best time to seed.

The first step in planting St Augustine grass seed is digging or tilling about three inches into the earth. Before planting, it’s important to remove any clumps of dirt and to level the entire surface that will be seeded.

This will give a uniform surface for the grass to grow in. It’s important to account for drainage pipes and mechanisms within the soil. After this process has been completed, layers of compost, soil, and fertilizer are added and mixed into the soil layer.

Lawn CareThen, the entire surface is rolled over with a tool known as a lawn roller. This once again achieves uniformity. Once this has been completed, the actual seeding can occur.

It’s important to make sure that the seed is evenly spread. Usually, this is achieved by sowing half the seeds in a direction and then sowing the other half at a right angle.

After the St Augustine grass seed has been distributed, the area is mulched and watered regularly. Depending on the region, the grass may require different levels of watering and maintenance, so it’s important to perform adequate research to make sure the grass can grow at its full potential.

Where to Buy St Augustine Grass Seed

Because it is one of the most common types of grass, St Augustine grass seed can be found at most hardware and garden supply stores. The seed is usually sold in bags of different sizes, depending on the area being seeded.

The quality of the grass will vary depending upon the dealer, so it’s important to research different retailers to find the best one for your home or business project. Most locations will be able to help you determine how much grass seed is needed for a given space.

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